The key to the success of Danish singer-songwriter Ida Gard is the fact that she sings what she thinks.

This is a brave thing to do in a world where people prefer to hear only the nice things. Sometimes I think that EVERYONE in Denmark is a singer-songwriter, or, in general: a musician. This would be the only explanation for such a huge amount of bands and artists coming from that country. Some of them are better than the others. Ida Gard is a good example of that.

Ida’s debut album is called Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don’t Speak Of. Why? Maybe because she dares to speak of things that people prefer to skip or comment on with silence. If she feels like singing about cheating – she does it. If she wants to hear explanations – she demands them.

She just say things straight forward. She can be a bit pugnacious, but in a very charming way.

She is the music she writes – as honest as you can imagine.

The music is simple in a way. Violin, guitar, classic sound. A perfect environment for Ida’s strong voice and her bold lyrics.

Ida Gard recently went to New York, where she was playing her music and working on the new material. The first result of that trip is her new single: U Gonna Come?. This song about a situation well known by almost every woman shows that Ida’s tongue is still sharp and her senses catch every detail from what she sees around her.

Ida sings in U Gonna Come? that she watched 3 episodes of “Sex in the city” that she already saw. I think the producers of that tv series wouldn’t mind to have U Gonna Come? on the soundtrack. It’s a good “ending-the-episode” track (I say it as a compliment). It sums up stuff. To sum up these words I’ll just write: you can say no to such honesty in music.

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