Icelandic publisher Okeibækur (which means “okay-bye” and “books” in Icelandic) has a graphic novel/tour guide out called Zombie Iceland.

This un-dead invasion story takes place in the city of Reykjavík, Iceland. Here’s the story synopsis:

Following an accident at the construction of a new Icelandic power plant, there is a short but intense burst of sulfur gone sour. Reports of a mysterious illness amongst the plant workers begin to spread as they infect friends and family through cannibalism. Even worse, the sick rise from the dead and can only be killed once their brains have been damaged. Now the gritty undead wander the streets of Reykjavík and a group of misfits struggle to survive in Zombie Iceland.

Okeibækur published the book by Nanna Árnadóttir (her first) with the idea of both entertaining and educating the reader about Iceland. Okeibækur also provides a soundtrack to go with the book that can be accessed via a link or through QR codes. Says Okeibækur:

The book itself is geared at travelers by including footnotes explaining Icelandic food, culture, history and even some handy pointers on where to visit, what to eat and a Zombie Apocalypse Playlist to musically narrate the Icelandic Zombie Outbreak. The Zombie Apocalypse Playlist is available as a whole on and/or separately through QR codes which are presented in the start of each chapter.

The publisher has made the book available for purchase online in both e-book or paperback formats.

Oh, one more thing: Braaaaaaaaaaaaains. (Just practicing.)

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