I once read that one of the best ways to annoy a Dane is trying to speak Danish when you have absolutely no idea about the language. It’s awkward for Danes, and they simply don’t like it. However, it’s really not awkward at all to listen to some Danish music sung in Danish. You may want to try it with the new Heidi Mortenson EP called Mørk (which means “dark”).

Heidi Mortenson is a one-piece band, creating weird, uncategorized electronic music. She released her first material Weird Stuff in 2005. Since then the artist gained attention and respect by playing at SPOT Festival in 2008, as well as the Pop Montreal Festival. This year she brought to life her EP Mørk.

Mørk (out 5 March 2012) is the essence of a dark atmosphere in the deep forest combined with the cold acoustic of an empty cathedral. There’s a kind of subconscious respect that the songs cause. The EP turns the listening to music from “everyday activity,” to a unique experience. The fact all the lyrics are written in Danish makes Mørk even more special.

From Heidi Mortenson’s Facebook page:

“Heidi Mortenson grew up listening to the metallic sounds of her dad fixing cars in the garage and her mum playing the organ. Heidi is the essence of a one-piece band creating every sound by using her voice through effects, live-sampling and singing. The result being colorful and textured avant-garde dance pieces with dark and soulful vocals. In a nerdytorial daze the songs grow from solid consistency and intuitive objections.”

Heidi Mortenson doesn’t just sing. She can create both the computer generated sounds – very raw and sharp – as well as delicate melancholic piano compositions. On her newest EP, she shows that there doesn’t need to be any boundaries between the worlds of electronic and classical music.

I treat Mørk as a brave musical experiment. A successful one. Even though I don’t understand her lyrics, I can feel the unique, dark atmosphere of the music. But if you don’t like the sound of Danish language you can listen to Heidi Mortenson’s earlier work (in English). All her music moves you in very strongly and unexpected ways.

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