The Hearing (FI) – “Faint”

Music video directors Onni Nieminen and Ina Mikkola have made a music video for Finland’s The Hearing, of her track Faint from the album “Adrian”, which was released into the wild last year. The minimalistic story is set in wintery Finland and ends with a cliffhanger in a sauna.

Onni and Ina had this to say: “Some time ago we shot a short film in Northern Karelia that never got finished because it was missing sound. Years later we listened to Adrian, an album by The Hearing, and decided we wanted to make a music video for her narratively beautiful song Faint. Several ideas were bounced around until we looked through our hard drive full of old materials. We thought to ourselves that the extremely traditional Scandinavian imagery (complete with snow and sauna) might actually complement the modern fresh sounds of the song. We realized that the song had found its video, and the video finally its sounds.”

Ringa Sofi aka The Hearing has this to say about the video: “At first I had a completely different video idea for this song. Of course, it would have included a full movie set in a studio, dancers and proper lights, heavy rigging and dolly tracks moving from one room to the next. There’s no way I could’ve afforded that or had the time to make any part of that happen, so I was extremely happy that someone else had a fun idea for the song. Super happy how it turned out!”

We’re super happy with it, too. Check out the video and experience the lovely “Finnishness” of the images and music.

Hear the whole whole album, here:


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