In Greta’s own words…

Suddenly we have reached December: it is almost the end of the year. Usually this is the time of year that I reflect upon where I was “this time last year”, and start thinking about where I want to be this time next year. This time last year, in fact, on the weekend of my 25th birthday, my home (and studio) flooded, and I took it as a sign to do something new.

Next year I am starting a year long project, a sort of concept “album”. The album will be split and released across the four seasons, let’s call them “Eps”. I will be sharing live sessions, video-blogs, poems, stories, inspirations along the way. The first of the four Eps will be released at the end of March 2014.

So I want to start December by sharing a new song, “Brave Moon”. I thought this relevant to share now, before starting next year’s run, since the moon represents a “month” cycle passing by, is circular, and next year’s project is based around the idea of cycles, seasons, time, nature, change, life. It is said that the word “Jól” for Christmas, may have derived from the word for “wheel” (hjól) – the circle of the year ends in December before it is repeated – and at one point people used to measure years based on how many winters had passed..

I hope you like this song. It’s a free download this week since I have just celebrated my birthday, so please share with anyone you think might like it, or hate it (just to annoy them).


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