The last time we wrote about Greta Svebo Bech, her body was a cage. Over three years later, her body has no structure at all, at least according to her song “All My Bones.” On this bold synthpop track, which opens the Faroese musician’s recent Bones EP, she sings of a person, presumably a lover, who has taken all her bones.

Not literally, of course. In 2016, when Bech recorded her Arcade Fire cover, it’s not as though she had actually transformed her body into the shape of a cage, and now, it’s not as though someone has run off with every part of her skeletal system. Instead, when Bech sings of her bones lying in the possession of another human being, she sings of someone trying to replace her essence with theirs.

She doesn’t her let antagonist succeed. “Just because I’m real,” she sings in the song’s second verse, “doesn’t mean you can feed me lies/and I will swallow.” Even when the elements that hold Bech together lie in someone else’s control, she’s too confident, too self-assured, too real to let them manipulate her into being someone other than herself. “You can tell me anything, whatever,” she says as the second verse ends, in the ultimate kiss-off to her opponent.

Later, Bech flips the script. “Don’t you know/I can play/just as bad?” she sneers, before declaring that she has all her bones. Although someone tried to uproot her, she’s the one in control, no matter what obstacles get in her way. The track’s lyric video fits this reclamation of power to a tee: as a silhouette of a character finds herself among snow-dusted mountains, massive walls of rock, Dreamworks-like moons, starlit plains, pink-purple oceans, and arrays of tall-as-trees windmills, she remains unfazed. Sure, her body is a cage, but so is the world.

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