On the eve of their 10-day tour in Canada, which starts tomorrow at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Danish band The Foreign Resort officially released their latest single She Is Lost today. The song encapsulates the shades-of-grey, rearview mirror shimmer we love about their timeless sound, which is both modern and retrospective.

In a recent Post-Punk Magazine article about She Is Lost, singer/songwriter Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen shared the personal story behind the song. “It was one of the worst summers in my life,” he said. “I came out strong on the other side, but this song was written partly when things were looking very bad and I was not doing the right things to get to a better place and partly when I had realized it was not just me who was the problem. Hence the title She is Lost.”

We are jealous of those in Canada who get to be one of the first to hear She Is Lost at a show. If you go, be sure to say hello to the band (they like to meet their fans) and tell them Nordic Spotlight sent you!

Canadian Tour Dates 2017

4/20 Toronto @ Nightowl Club (Canadian Music Week)
4/21 Ottawa @ Bar Robo
4/22 Toronto @ The Hideout (Canadian Music Week)
4/23 Oshawa @ The Atria
4/24 Peterborough @ The Spill
4/25 Montreal @ Brasserie Beaubien
4/26 Guelph @ Silence
4/27 Windsor @ Phog Lounge
4/28 London @ The 488 Open Jam
4/29 Sudbury @ The Asylum

One more thing: Don’t forget, the band needs an official music video for She Is Lost and are accepting video submissions until May 5th. If you fancy a producer/director credit, go here to learn more: https://nordicspotlight.com/the-foreign-resort-denmark-music-video-submissions-new-single-she-is-lost/

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