Instead of posting pictures the day after Flow Festival this year, we like to give a little space, so after the initial excitement has died down, you get a reminder of how great the experience was.

This year we couldn’t make the trip from the US but fortunately for all, Mira Kotamäki, a Finnish photographer was on hand to capture the event.

A little about Mira: Mira is 19 years old girl living in Vantaa Finland. After graduating her studies of audiovisual communications in 2012 she decided to start up as a freelance photographer.

You can probably find her documenting exciting happenings with her retro looking system camera on the streets or looking for some nice magazines and records from Library 10 in centre of Helsinki.

Check out some pics from last year’s Flow Festival by clicking here. Flow is one of our favorite Nordic festivals, so if you feel like making a vacation to Helsinki, we highly suggest incorporating it into this – they have some of the best festival food…and our favorite, the Champagne Bar!

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