The Stockholm-based, Gagnef-born musician Sara Filiz Brannäs, better known as Filiz, describes herself as “the mother of doomsday soul.” Her chosen genre descriptor reveals only a bit about her sound: Brannäs sings with a croon that would fit well in any classic R&B setting, but her brand of slow-grooving, ghostly melodies and arrangements slot her in more closely with the more experimental side of the ever-rising yeehaw agenda. “Dive (Heya Mama)” is perhaps her most potent example of how strikingly she merges the rustic, soulful, and bizarre. Over a softly galloping guitar line, gently cresting synths, and slithering cymbal double-taps, her voice glides, soars, and beckons in ways that both draw attention to her and maintain an air of mystery. For every instance of light, there’s a backsplash of despair, making “Dive” an apocalypse in small-scale if there ever were one.

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