As June comes to close, one of Iceland’s most internationally acclaimed festivals will gather its country’s hottest musical talent right in the nation’s capital. At Secret Solstice, Iceland’s leading artists across all genres will perform in the Laugardalur region of Reykjavik, with some top-tier American headliners to boot. The music might only be the second-best part, though: the festival gets its name from the three straight days of 24-hour sunlight during which it takes place. Iceland is so far north that, during the summer solstice, nighttime just doesn’t happen.

So, does partying to some of the best music from within and outside Iceland while the sun never goes down sound as exciting to you as it does to us? If it does, then we’ve got you covered: Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the events travel company Festicket, you can score your Secret Solstice tickets at reasonable prices via affordable payment plans. Just click here to get started!

Secret Solstice, courtesy of event Facebook page
Secret Solstice, courtesy of event Facebook page

Secret Solstice runs June 21-23, with “side-events” running adjacent to the main festivals. This year’s Icelandic lineup includes longtime Nordic Spotlight favorites such as electropop trio Vök, rapper Sturla Atlas, and pop chameleon Auður. American legends including Patti Smith, Robert Plant, and Pussy Riot will also perform.

Through our partnership with Festicket, you can snag all sorts of packages for your time at Secret Solstice. Family-friendly options are available, as is an eight-day adventure starting four days before the festival and ending one day after. You can even get special earplugs to keep your hearing safe in the thrilling loudness of the festival’s amazing performances. Find the package that works best for you right here.

As you mentally prepare for Secret Solstice, head back up to our posts about Vök, Sturla Atlas, and Auður and envision yourself grooving along to their sets under the unending sunlight of the summer solstice. Then look at our packages to make your dream a reality — you’ll be thankful you did.

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