Are you festival-ed out yet? Have you reached your limit of hearing about the potential for soaking up oodles of sunshine and hours of music? Gosh, we hope not. Because we’ve got a lot more to talk to you about, starting with the fun-filled Finnish festival called Provinssi.

Taking place over the last weekend in June/the first weekend in July (June 30th through July 2nd), this annual event has been going on since 1979, bringing tens of thousands of bodies into the Western city of Seinäjoki. And, as ever, the organizers prove just how closely they pay attention to the modern music scene, as they provide a balanced diet of genres. Metal (courtesy of Graveyard, Insomnium, and Rammstein), hip-hop (Silvana Imam, A$AP Ferg, Action Bronson), pop (Aurora, Veronica Maggio), electronic, and more. This fest is stacked.

Here’s a playlist for you to check out, featuring many of the artists playing this year’s Provinssi Festival. And here’s a link where you can visit Nordic Spotlight Travel. Why? Because we think these tunes might convince you to hop on a plane and get yourself to Finland, the country that has rightfully been called the most stable in the world and one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever get a chance to see, and we’ll help you plan your trip.

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