Distortion Fest 2016
photo by Simon Lau

The Copenhagen-based music festival Distortion is referred to on their website alternately as “A Celebration of Copenhagen Nightlife” and “A Week of Orchestrated Chaos.” If that hasn’t perked your ears up even a little bit about what’s going to go down in the streets of Denmark’s capital between June 1st and 5th, you seriously need to reassess your priorities in life.

The annual event puts the glow of the spotlight on club music with appearances of raft of hip-hop, electronic, and future R&B artists from around the world. It runs the gamut too from the experimental sounds cooked up by Matmos to the heady grime of Bonkaz. And the Nordic talent they’ve drawn in for the week is…wow…we are jealous of anyone who gets to witness this all in one place. Just check out the playlist we’ve set up for you below, highlighting the artists from Denmark, Norway, and the Faroe Islands that will be taking Copenhagen by storm to see what we’re talking about.

If you don’t already have plans to be at Distortion this year, but have been enticed to take part, we can help you get there! We have Distortion 2016 ticket and travel packages at the ready for you. Just click here and start planning that amazing vacation to Denmark!

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