Landing just a few hours before the show and as jet-lagged as they were…you would never have known it. Fallulah jumped right in with the energy of a little pink bunny hitting a bass-drum.

Fallulah’s sound is tough to sum up in one genre. She grabs pieces of blues, jazz, pop, and Baltic rhythms and throws it into a blender, presses mix, and pours out a delicious smoothie of awesomeness.

Fallulah’s voice is well-rounded with a touch of rasp that floats playfully yet intently through her melodies. Backed by a tight band of musicians that create a soundscape, from the slow and dramatic Give Us a Little Love to the grooving thumpiness of Only Human all while having fun up there. The band also adds extra elements that takes the studio recordings to the next level and the backing vocals perfectly compliment her.

As the group warmed up you could witness a transformation in the performance and Fallulah herself started demonstrating her wonderful footwork skills. Bouncing around, she energizing her vocals even more, and turned a tambourine into a stylistic headpiece…all with a giant smile.

She joyfully played with the audience “I wonder why people stand so for from the stage? I’m not that scary…I’ll play something up-tempo so move forward!” which the crowd immediately followed her simple request and starts dancing.

New York You are My Concrete Lover, which was written after she spent some time in NYC, Fallulah said, “5 years ago I wanted to do music for the rest of my life…I fell in love with NY, so I wanted to write a love song” And with that the band rips into a punk-style rocker that really captured the essence of what is all New York City.”

Welcome home, Fallulah.

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