With the male-dominated electronic music scene getting the lion’s share of the ink and pageviews around the world, all-female collectives like KOSO are more necessary than ever. The Norwegian-based group, featuring a bevy of talented DJs, producers, and artists, are part of an ever-growing tide of musicians looking to better balance the scales as well as the lineups of club nights and festivals. We are incredibly honored that DJ Soldal, one of the founders of KOSO, agreed to put together a set for our Nordic Spotlight Mix series. And what she has created for our readers is as bold and exciting as everything she and her cohorts put their minds to.


Runway – Cliff Martinez
See Into Your Mind – Charlie Solana
Vibes – MikeQ & Mikix the Cat
Boyfriend (MikeQ & Divoli S’vere Club Mix) – Reilly Steel
DM Me (Ballo Remix)- Ida Dillan
Getting Mine – T.Williams
Gagged (Byrell the Great Remix) – JX Cannon
Boy Bye (Soldal Mashup) – Soldal
Body Double (TSVI Remix) – Lokane
Death Grip – LSDXOXO
Batata – Lavender Llama
Like This – D Double E
Btd150 – NKC
IMMA – Ca$h Bandicoot
Final Moments – Mess Kid
Rage Pack – Ida Dillan
Get Out Of My Way – Torjus
MM – QBT16
Ground Zero (Byrell The Great Remix) – Grovestreet

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