The Youth Control crew based in Finland have been responsible for some of the best dance music going, repping homegrown artists like Roisto, Terminé, and TJH87. Our current favorite is the Helsinki-based producer/DJ who goes by the brilliant moniker Disco Despair.

The despair seems to come from the yearning romanticism that carries through much of his work. And the other half of his name? Well, just listen to any of the tracks he has released so far and that will come quickly into focus.

Mr. Despair was kind enough to toss his hat into the Nordic Spotlight Mix ring this week, with a set that puts a spotlight on several Youth Control acts, and international artists like Swedish producer Ghassemi and a body-rocking remix of a track from the latest New Order album.

If you want to get a taste of the action before committing to a full 45 minutes of dance party joy, check out DD’s remix of Million Dollar Weekend’s “Addicted To Your Love,” which was just unveiled by U&! Records earlier this month.

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