In Icelandic folklore, the Huldufólk or “hidden people” are elves that reside in and around the island, supernatural beings that like to sneak into people’s houses and hold parties. It is, in other words, the perfect moniker for a techno project from Iceland that thrives in playing at underground events and small venues around the country.

Led by Kári Guðmundsson, Hidden People have been making small shockwaves in their home country and beyond by addressing the history of house and techno in easy to absorb supplements. Their opening the doors of their personal perception even wider very soon with the release of a debut album on NonYoBiz Records.

For their installment of the Nordic Spotlight Mix, Hidden People have given us, as they put it, “moody and restless unreleased Icelandic tracks and deep minimal techno. It is inspired by the chaotic autumn weather of last few days here in Reykjavik.” As we’re going through the same in Oregon, it fits very well with our state of mind.


Nonnimal – Freyja (forthcoming Æ)

Wbeeza – Roks Dogg (Third Ear)

Fumiya Tanaka – Love Keep Mapping The Head (Perlon)

Hidden People – Horse (unreleased)

J. Tijn – Rookruimte (In An Instant)

Hidden People – Storm RVK (unreleased)

Orlando B. – MJ-12 (Yore)

Nonnimal – Oprah (forthcoming Æ)

OHM – ? (unreleased)

Crustation – Flame (Borderline Insanity Dub Mix)

OHM vs. Hidden People – Grounded (Mix) (unreleased)

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