Lagaffe Tales has, since 2012, been one of the most exciting record labels in the electronic dance music scene. The Reykjavik-based imprint puts its spotlight on deep house, that warm and inviting sound that feels like you’re being wrapped in a warm blanket of sound as you dance away. The label has been responsible for some of the most exciting producers to come out of Iceland in the past few years like Moff & Tarkin and Áskell.

The owners of the Lagaffe Tales, Viktor Birgisson and Jónbjörn Finnbogason, are also mighty fine DJs and producers in their own right as you’ll hear when you lend you ears to the Nordic Spotlight Mix that they put together for us. It’s a scorcher, combining house hits by Canadian artist Bruce Trail, Gerry Read from L.A., and the German producer known as LD Nero.


Weval – Square People
Fantastic Man – Seaside Special
Alex Burkat – Brooklyn Bridge
Bruce Trail – Silver II
Carli – Lights & Strobes (Pedrodollar Remix)
Bertha – Huzzah (thatmanmonkz Unity Dub)
LD Nero – Distant Signals From The Acid Aviary
Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion (feat. Isaac Aesili)
Neue Grafik – Sorcier
Rhauder – Molekule
Carlo – Infinite Improbability Drive
Baltra – Fade Away (Vocal)
Gerry Read – Pocketz Ain’t Enuff

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