Mads Kolding first came to the attention of the Danish music scene via his work as a member of the duo ElectroJuice, which released the wonderful deep house EP Solrock back in 2009. With his EJ partner Jakob Littauer, Mads joined the group Jatoma with fellow Dane Tomas Barford, a collaboration that yielded an equally impressive if slightly more off-kilter brand of dance sounds.

With the help of Kenton Slash Demon and their label WAA Industry, Kolding is now venturing out on his own with the project XYZ. And as we’ve talked about Nordic Spotlight before, his recent release for them is a marvel of minimalist influences and the same warped sensibilities that he has brought to his previous work. It’s not necessarily music that will crowd a dancefloor but it will keep your cerebellum and nervous system stimulated in the right endorphin-producing fashion. Mads was kind enough to put together a Nordic Spotlight Mix for us that speaks to this same far-reaching and challenging mindset and includes tracks by Experimental Audio Research, Martin Neukom, Charlemagne Palestine, and Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares.


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