Evelyn Mali (NO) – “Undertona Av Uvær”

Norwegian folktronica artist Evelyn Mali has a new EP called “Undertona Av Uvær” out, and the title track is a song about unrequited love. Her folksy voice infuses the track Undertona Av Uvær with a silky, melancholic substance. It’s a haunting and sympathetic song, with a dusting of self-flagellating awareness.

The 4-track EP is sung in Mali’s native northern Norwegian dialect, which, when mixed with her melodies, produces a gorgeous soundscape. The soft tinkles of a tramp organ, a wave of the ukulele, a clock ticking — all sounds leads to a similar, familiar, cozy Scandinavian ambiance.

Listen to the EP “Undertona Av Uvær” on SoundCloud when you’re in the mood for an existential, cinematic experience. It will lead you deep into a trance in a gentle, hand-held way. As the music plays you will find yourself waxing the past and searching for insight into what the future holds. “Undertona Av Uvær” is audible truth serum of the best kind.


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