Danish indie rock group Efterklang are often in flux. In years past, they’ve welcomed folks in and out of their live and recorded lineup to help add some dramatic heft to their already drama-heavy tunes, including a pair of Portland expats Heather Broderick and her brother Peter, and former Siouxsie and the Banshees drummer Budgie.

For their forthcoming album, the band has quadrupled in size with the addition of something they’re calling The Happy Hopeless Orchestra, a gaggle of chamber players and, most importantly, four operatic vocalists. They are the centerpiece of the latest missive from Efterklang – “Cities of Glass,” a positively skin tingling song that ebbs and flows like a massive wave, urged forward by the rousing singing of this quartet of very obviously classically-trained voices. The “Glass” part of the song title is echoed deep in the music, which owes a great deal to the minimalist compositions of Philip Glass, in particular his operas Einstein On The Beach and The Photographer. As if we didn’t have more of a reason to be keyed up for the sound of new Efterklang music. The new album doesn’t drop until November, so we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from them. Until then, we’ll be hitting repeat on this little slice of heaven.

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