Denmark’s The Foreign Resort has a dreamy new self-titled EP, and every self-respecting new wave noise pop lover should own it. Really. Take a listen:

The Foreign Resort’s dark-yet-airy sound is similar to Tears for Fears and The Cure (and a twinge of Echo and the Bunnymen) but with that uniquely Scandinavian sound that’s both beautifully fragile and apologetically hard-hitting. This deadly combination gives the listener of this EP no choice but to play it repeatedly. And loud. And, while each song features the piercing guitar reverbs, frantic drumming, and buzzed, energetic layers that shoegaze is known for, they all have completely different and delicious aftertaste.

Heart Breaks Down is this author’s (current) track, mostly due to the ability of the swelled layered electric sound to induce memories of long-ago dance club days when I would close my eyes and dance into a trance all the while hoping that cute someone was watching me from a dark corner and falling hopelessly in love. Or at least would offer up a clove cigarette and a phone number. Touch It, a true dance track that runs more than 7 minutes long is also noteworthy for its skillful kaleidoscope tempo shifts and gorgeous electronic beats. Okay, I’ve changed my mind after writing that…Touch It is my new favorite track. But since I intend to gorge myself on this EP until I’m sick I could change my mind again. A lot.

The Foreign Resort EP is available right now in Denmark and on November 8 in the USA, Italy and Canada (so make sure you mark the date in your calendar if you’re that aforementioned self-respecting new wave noise pop lover). And be sure to follow the band on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with The Foreign Resort news, because this band is about to a-splode internationally, as well they should.

They’re planning their 2012 US tour right now (which includes a stop in Austin, TX for SXSW) so be sure to catch them when the roll through a town near you.

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