Music supervision company Groove Guild debuts their new web-based documentary music series “Unsupervised” with the dynamic Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora answering candid questions and singing her songs Warrior, I Went Too Far, and Conqueror in an intimate setting.

Aurora - Unsupervised Documentary

In the documentary, the three songs are layered with Groove Guild CEO and founder Al Risi’s questions about Aurora’s whole-body singing (like dreaming a strange dream), why she writes the songs she writes (to express emotion), on being satisfied with her music (she’s a perfectionist), and the music her parents exposed her to as a child (Enya is still a big influence).

“Unsupervised: Aurora” is 23 minutes and 12 seconds of reminders why Aurora is beloved worldwide and has one of the best live performances of I Went Too Far this writer has ever seen.  If you’re an Aurora fan, this video should be on your “required watching” list.

Push play, settle in, and feel the joy.

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