dj. flugvél og geimskip is truly out-there. The artist born Steinunn Eldflaug Harðardóttir is best known for kooky electronic songs as ominous as they are playful and live shows that often leave concertgoers utterly confused. She recently announced a new album, Our Atlantis, out next January on Geertruida Records, and the LP’s first single, “Have Fun at Home,” suggests that Harðardóttir isn’t about to tone down her elfin, childlike weirdness any time soon.

It also arrived aside a video game. That’s right: Harðardóttir, along with her friend Þórður Hermannson, literally created a video game to announce the song. It gets better: Currently, the only way to hear the song is to complete the video game, which leads to a private Soundcloud stream.

And what’s the goal of the game? To collect all the loops that comprise “Have Fun at Home.” These are bizarre loops, as is par for the course for Harðardóttir, so the game is pretty wild. Anyone with a computer, a web browser, an internet connection, and a properly functioning keyboard can play it here; it’s a fantastical adventure despite how rudimentary its graphics, plot, and controls are.

The sounds comprising “Have Fun at Home” are appropriately off-kilter. Harðardóttir’s heavily accented, charmingly flimsy, high-pitched voice sings words that could be easily mistaken as gibberish, and she does so over drum machine pitter-patter and borderline clownish synthetic gurgles and pops. And then there are the moments where Harðardóttir abandons singing in favor of what can best be described as feral meows, the sort of simultaneously primal but adorable sound that has defined much of her work to date.

So, is the weirdness for real, or is it just a pose? One look at dj. flugvél og geimskip’s Facebook is enough to convince anyone that none of Harðardóttir’s music is phony. This is the art of a true eccentric, one unwilling to mask who she is despite any weird looks or rude comments she might get from people who walk into her live shows (or stumble upon her Soundcloud) expecting something more “normal.” As the punks always say, keep it weird.

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