Cascine is quickly one of my favorite labels these days. They seem to have a sound that encapsulates everything I like about music. Recently I was sent an EP by the Swedish band Ditt Inre entitled En Värld I Brand and it does not disappoint.

Opening track Utan Titel (in English, “no title”) languorously starts things off with a mid-tempo instrumental replete with beautiful chords and synth sounds that pave the way for what’s to follow. I only wish this one was longer. Aldrig Forut (Never Before) reminds me of an Ulrich Schnauss track (note the drum programming here – it reminds me of the early work of Schnauss ) that coasts as if you were flying weightless through the mountains of Scandinavia; just wait until the chorus hits.

I can see why Manljus (saknad) (Moonlight (Missing) was chosen as the single as it’s this band’s sound at the most realized. A steady mid-tempo 4/4 beat propels the track as it swirls with arpeggios, majestic pads, and soft vocals (the singer definitely reminds me of Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears in points) that douse with prettiness. I won’t go over all of Ditt Inre’s tracks here, but every one of their songs has depth and finesse that pay careful attention to sonic details.

I can’t understand what these guys are singing about since the lyrics are in Swedish, but it really doesn’t matter to me. The instrumentation is what contains the feelings and emotions while the vocals add a nice texture and flavor on top of it all. It’s beautiful stuff and I highly recommend it.

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