Northside Festival

When Northside Festival was first born back in 2010, it was a one-day affair with an all Danish lineup of artists. In short succession, this annual event in Aarhus has ballooned to a full three days of music with bookings coming from all over the world.

What makes Northside so special is not only its welcoming of Nordic artists into the mix, but also a willingness to not overreach. The lineups for each day of the festival are tidy and manageable. It’s stretched across three stages with only a handful of acts on each one. There’s no chance of getting overwhelmed.

Well, that might not be true this year when Northside goes down on June 17th through the 19th. You might have to make some tough decisions each day. Like on Friday, do you go get your skin blasted back by the powerful big beats of Chemical Brothers or do you play a game of “Spot The Sample” with the work of Danish duo Den Sorte Skole? Same goes for Sunday when you have to choose between the all-girl punk of Velvet Volume or the smoother R&B stylings of Scarlet Pleasure? Difficult calls all. But aren’t choices like that nice to have?

Of course, your first step is to get yourself to Aarhus to witness Northside first hand. As ever, Nordic Spotlight wants to help you make that happen. Click here to start making your travel plans for Denmark. Then dust off that passport, pull that suitcase out of the garage, and get ready to wing your way across the Atlantic for a weekend (or more) of Nordic music and Nordic fun.

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