What happens when you take a singer from the Faroe Islands, throw in a couple Danes, Swedes, and a Finn? You get an aural, psychedelic carnival – an exploratory experiment of Balkan influences, big band swing, jump blues, thematic, and world sounds – along with great storytelling. In other words, the band Dánjal.

The Bubble is an album that takes you through a roller coaster ride of dynamics and emotions. The track Blow the Bubble is where one can either swing their beer in the air, dance or start a mosh pit. With You 2 is a haunting, psychedelic, minimal piece that hypnotizes and lures the listener in. The Enemy is a raucous and raunchy piece that can simply be summed up by the line “If all hell breaks loose and the shit hits the fan, we can always change our plan.” The album should be listened to in its entirety.

A true treat for an audience looking for something dramatic and lively, and a little bit left of center.

The Faroese singer Dánjal has hand-picked his royal musicians from the far, dark corners of Scandinavia. They mostly play at night, but sometimes they emerge from the darkness like a tender shadow in the morning sun.

Dánjal’s profound and lyrical universe of prose is supported by his characteristic voice, screeching clarinets and unpredictable breathtaking rhythms. The music tumbles in frothing craziness and is dried off in frail nearness.

With his background as an actor, Dánjal has an eminent ability to interact with the audience. Through provoking and touching stories he often expresses an ironical distance to the western narrow minded view on the world.

Visualy melancholic rock, with roots in Balkan and Tango spoken in the language of the Faroese landscape – Dánjal is an excellent live experience!

Buy the critically acclaimed and DMA nominated debut album “The Palace” from Dánjal here.

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