When it comes to the CMJ Marathon, I always like to say it’s a marathon consisting of a LOT of sprints. Panels, meetings, and shows, that many times are running behind schedule, sometimes make it that you have to cut a few things short. This, unfortunately, was one of those times where running back and forth between the lower east side and Washington Sq forced me to leave halfway through Dad Rocks! solo acoustic set at The Living Room. on Oct 18th for the Paper Garden Records showcase.

I was lucky enough though to catch a few wonderful songs in support of the Denmark-based Icelandic performer, Snævar Njáll Albertsson’s first appearance in the US.

Describing his music as a mix between folk and pop doesn’t do it justice. His arrangements, melodic intricacies, and exceptional guitar work transcends the basic folk genre. Alone with just an acoustic guitar Dad Rocks! filled the room with humorous and memorable life-relatable stories. His dedication of Downaging to his girlfriend – which he claimed was a song about going on tour and being horny, brought a laugh from the audience, yet his guitar runs brought woo’s of appreciation from the crowd. His soaring Mmmmms oooh’s and aaahhhh’s into the technical skill-set demonstrated by his meticulous picking structure captured the true feel of the song.

In Funemployment his life-humor continues. Just before kicking off the song, he tells the story, “Burger King and McDonalds have left Iceland after the economic crisis…we still have KFC, which is awesome!” He goes on to state “Funemployment” is about the choice between applying for a job at Burger King or writing an erotic novel.

Humorous life-stories, mixed-in with wonderful guitar skills, unique phrasing, and catchy hooks makes Dad Rocks! a complete joy to listen to. And next time I hope to enjoy his entire set.

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