Happy Norway Constitution Day! On this day in 1814, Norway’s leaders signed the country’s constitution and paved the way for Norway’s independence. We’re celebrating with new music from producer Coucheron, his summery, light-as-air dance-pop tune High By The Riverside, which features fellow Norwegian ARY.

“I’ve been fortunate to work a lot with ARY this past year, mostly on her stuff,” said Coucheron about the collaboration. “But in this case, we both felt this would be a song for me. I immediately bonded with the storytelling in this song and felt it belonged in my universe, so I did my best to compliment her beautiful vocals.”

With over 20 million streams across streaming platforms, it’s clear that High By The Riverside is a win for Coucheron and ARY. Take it for a spin, perhaps at the riverside? Meet you there, bring beers and floaties!

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