The debut album of 18-year-old Colin John is out! Streaming on Spotify, “Mellompartiet” (“Middle Party”) is a charming, bold, coming-of-age story told in musical form. Sung in both Norwegian and English, the album is about experiencing life in the overwhelming middle — the age where you’re too old to go crazy without consequences and too young to completely fend for yourself.

One of the youngest artists on the roster of Norwegian label Toothfairy, Colin’s EP was produced by Andrew Murray (aka BAYA and a member of Lovespeak) and is quickly being referred to as a musical version of the Norwegian, youth-focused, cross-platform TV series “SKAM“.

Congrats to Colin John for reaching the middle part(y) in life. We wish him a smooth transition to adulthood and look forward to hearing what the next phase of his life sounds like.

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