Sweden’s answer to SOPHIE has arrived, and she sounds amazing. Meet COBRAH, the newest purveyor of the high-sheen, PVC-and-latex-soaked visuals and sounds that SOPHIE introduced in 2013 to mass acclaim, a wave of soundalikes, and production credits for mainstream pop and hip-hop artists. COBRAH is more than good enough at this style to achieve similar success with time.

More people just have to hear her music first. “IDFKA” is her debut single, so her audience isn’t yet that big, but with songs this strong, her fanbase is bound to grow quickly. Built on cutely ominous synthetic pops, enticing, nasal, thrillingly creepy singing, squelching staccato bass, and ballistic, drill-like percussion, “IDFKA” is about as fully-formed as this uniquely 2010s style of dance music gets.

The video for “IDFKA” falls in line with the PC Music-associated, sci-fi-speckled visual realm of glossy, curvy visuals, bright, striking colors, and human-like objects that are somehow not quite human. Red latex mannequins travel through what appears to be an esophagus made entirely of other red latex mannequins. This journey leads to an intense, morbid kiss and the birth of hundreds—maybe thousands—more mannequins.

It’s all a bit terrifying, and suitably so. COBRAH describes “IDFKA”—an acronym for the song’s most oft-repeated lyric, “I don’t fucking know anymore”—as “written with the intention to incarnate anxiety in its pure form. Repeating ‘I don’t fucking know anymore’ like a mantra. The song is a self indulging experience guiding you through the stages of total panic.” Much of electronic music—and, really, all genres of pop music—offers a similar guiding hand through harsh experiences and emotions, but few have displayed such a firm grip on sheer, simultaneous joy and terror as COBRAH does.

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