Oslo-based Chrispy makes music that could fairly be described as, well, crisp. Maybe his choice of artist name is intentional: “I Want To Tell You,” his latest single, certainly paints him as someone capable of careful, lengthy consideration. The song is a well-thought-out detailing of the contrasting emotions that can tear at the seams of a relationship and the ways in which physical and emotional closeness can come untangled from one another.

“I want to tell you/but I can’t explain/not the right time/feel out of place,” he sings in the song’s first verse, as a subtle bass throb, a bubbling-and-popping synth line, and a scything but welcoming digital pulse swirl around him. “Far off solar systems/I peek behind every star that shines,” he says during the song’s chorus, before lamenting his anxiety about speaking to the song’s subject, no matter how close or far they are. Even though he would travel the world to find this person, when he’s with them, something feels wrong, gets him down, stops him in his tracks.

Chrispy, as he describes himself on “I Want To Tell You,” might be the kind of person whose own internal conflicts prevent him from enjoying a relationship nearly as much as the other person in it does. It doesn’t sound like Chrispy can identify anything the other person has done incorrectly, whether maliciously or benevolently. It instead sounds like he knows that he has trouble properly keeping his head in the game even though he cares deeply about this person, and in writing “I Want To Tell You,” he likely hopes to find answers.

But he might not have. The song ends after its second chorus, with as brief an outro as they come and without any motion towards the cathartic, explosive interlude the chorus’ ambiently preening synths imply. Throughout the track, though, Chrispy never quite slides into melancholy, as though to imply it’s okay to feel something without understanding why. At the very least, his mind is crisp.

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