Chorus Grant (DK) – “S.I.G.N.”

We get a quite a number of emails asking us to do a review – it doesn’t matter if you’re signed to a major label with a million fans or just starting out. We want to get it out there when we hear something good. Speaking of, have you all signed up for our Newsletter (hint, scroll up), so we can keep you informed of all things Nordic?

A couple weeks ago we received this one in our mailbox from Denmark, and took a liking to it.

Chorus Grant is the moniker for the Copenhagen-based, Kristian Finne Kristensen (of The River Phoenix) – with his first solo record coming out in Denmark this spring.

From his Facebook page: (Star Wars reference ahead)

With creative sparring from fellow Copenhageners Brian Batz (Sleep Party People), Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine), Glenn Rottland, Ask Bock and Moogie Johnson Chorus Grant emerged.

Computer-grunge, scandinavian electro pop and folk collides in a strange black and white through the sounds of a real life Mos Eisley Cantina Band with melodies as big as houses in both the album’s lighter and darker parts of the musical patchwork.

With that being said, we took a listen and found this folk-tronic sound to be pretty good. From Nothing to One starts off by serenading you with deep electronics and a slow-rolling melody then mid-way through drops it all down allowing for a solo acoustic guitar and vocals to take you out.

A pulsating harmonica-like sound kicks off Golden Head by Golden Head then takes you a on slowly created soundscape with with some drones and extra instrumentation that doesn’t clutter up the nicely laid vocal lines which could lead to a sing-along with the audience.

Finally, Big Guns really steps up the game with a more up-beat piece adding a danceable foundation. Overall the themes of each song really paint a nice sonic picture, but the melodies are what really absorb the listeners. If this is the first set of songs out of the gate, then we can’t wait to hear more.

Recommended listening position: Chillin’ on a couch, with a ‘friend’.


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