Once upon a time, the finest of all the Danish musicians came together and started to tell stories with blissful music. They call themselves Choir of Young Believers.

The musical storytellers are an “orchestral-pop” group that has reached for many Danish music awards and gained the appreciation of many fans through the years. The first part of their musical tale began with the 2008 release of the debut album This Is for the White in Your Eyes. I think this album’s best recommendation is the first song from it – Hollow Talk.

Once you listen to it, you won’t be able to escape from the fragile, yet sensible vocals and the minimalistic, yet spatial audio mosaic. It’s like Beauty and the Beast locked in one composition.

Thanks to BreakThru Radio in New York, you can get lost in the storytelling of Choir of Young Believers because the latest episode of their show BTR Live Studio features a performance Choir of Young Believers! The intimate session is like a deep breath of fresh, cold Scandinavian air, so pause the world for a moment and watch the video of the show:

Choir of Young Believers performing on the BTR Live Studio show

Choir of Young Believers writes stories with their music. The stories aren’t always pleasant and with happy endings. However, in every way, Choir of Young Believers are a group of extraordinary and sensitive artists and unique in what they do.

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