Icelandic trio CeaseTone has released the title track from their upcoming EP “Stranded”!

Stranded is about escapism and the endless need for distraction. It is something that resonates deeply within me so I had a calling to do a minimalistic and upfront song about it,” said singer, songwriter, and founding member Hafsteinn Þráinsson. “I’m not used to writing these types of songs but this one just came so naturally and kind of wrote itself at a stressful time, hope you guys enjoy.”

We do enjoy it — very much — and paired with the first single from the EP, Brothers, that came out last month, we can already tell we’re going to LOVE the album. Will it take the place of CeaseTone’s debut EP “Two Strangers” as one of our favorites of 2016, an album that earned them a nomination for album of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards? We’ll have to wait until later this summer, when “Stranded” is released, to find out.

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