Today Icelandic alt-folk outfit CeaseTone blessed our digital platforms with the intimate sound of Brothers, their first song releases since their 2016 critically acclaimed (and personal favorite) debut album “Two Strangers”.

A song about trying too hard to be the normal you can’t define anymore, the acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics in Brothers expresses the disconnecting experience of losing who you are in the attempt to be accepted for the person you’re not.

Written and recorded in singer/songwriter Hafsteinn Þráinsson tiny studio apartment in Vesturbærinn (Reykjavik), Brothers is designed as a departure from the full-bodied studio-produced album “Two Strangers” with the goal of embracing the simple and the pure to create music both new and familiar. “When making more acoustic music, it just sometimes seems so fitting to do it in a more humble setting than a big high-end studio, especially for this kind of highly personal song that is deeply woven into your life and surrounding at the time,” said Hafsteinn about Brothers. “Writing and recording like this is both very freeing and binding at the same time, you are free to spend all the time you want experimenting but you are bound to the equipment, surrounding and skill that you possess.”

Brothers is a track on CeaseTone’s next EP “Stranded” which is scheduled for release this summer — We’ll be sure to share all the singles and news we have when we get them.

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