A relentlessly groovy rhythm punctuates the newest track from nu-disco heartthrob Even Gillebo, best known as Cavego. “Hunderfossen” crackles with the whimsical and exhilarating energy expected from a song so aptly named after one of Norway’s most-visited amusement parks, the Hunderfossen Familiepark (otherwise known as the Fairy-Tale Park). The folks here at Nordic Spotlight have written about Cavego before, and we’re just as smitten with this scrumptious Scandi-disco selection as we’ve been with his previous efforts.

This delectably danceable ditty from Cavego provides a surefire way to break free from a long-running funk. The track’s propulsive bass thrum and phased-out synth slices, combined with Gillebo’s girlfriend chiming in to reference the gigantic troll statue situated in Hunderfossen, make for a tune equal parts silly, titillating, and profound. The comparison to Todd Terje is inevitable, but where Terje’s music can at times be amorphous and delineate into wild soundscapes, “Hunderfossen” is instead exemplary of how Cavego can conversely drop a laser-focused jam that just as easily functions as a rollicking party anthem.

As the sun breaks through your blinds in the early hours, add this to your playlist of luscious licks to rouse you from your wintertime blues and invigorate you as you saunter off into the wide-open world. Flip this tune on as you hop into your cruiser, and you’ll seemingly cross dimensions and span spaceways. Spin this at the club, and you’ll find yourself in pure disco bliss as you boogie, wriggle, and shake your body on the dance floor. This extraterrestrial earworm will also be there to unfailingly declutter an anxious mind as the night dies down and you waltz back home through neon-tinged streets.

“Hunderfossen” is a superbly fun and reliably uplifting number for all moods and occasions. If Cavego continues to feed the momentum he’s been building with this latest effort, he might just one day join the pantheon of Nordic nu-disco gods alongside Todd Terje.


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