Music from Denmark

mono mono (DK) – “you”

Leave it to the Danes to bring weirdness into electronic and pop music. Last month, we freaked out about how Danish trio CHINAH’s “Strange Is Better” subverted much of what we love about these genres to tremendously exciting and hooky effect; this month, Danish duo mono mono seems to be filling that role for us. […]

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MALMØ (DK) – “The Way (ft. Eivør (FO))”


A double dose of Nordic artists here! Danish five-piece MALMØ has tapped Faroese singer Eivør for shared vocal duties on the song “The Way,” taken from MALMØ’s debut album, We Come from The Stars. MALMØ frontperson and namesake Maria Malmoe teams up with Eivør, known quite well for her work on Game of Thrones (a show that’s about as Nordic as […]

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Selma Judith (DK) – “Kind of Lonely”


It’s very likely that even those who haven’t heard of Danish artist Selma Judith have at least heard her. She’s performed harp on live sessions by international sensation and established Nordic Spotlight favorite MØ—herself from Denmark—and her time spent with such a leading pop mind has certainly rubbed off on her own music. “Kind of […]

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LEW (DK) – “You Said”


We’ve previously lavished Danish artist LEW with praise; back in 2016, we premiered her single “Lights On.” Some two-and-a-half-years later, we’ve heard from Sara Lewis Sørensen again via a haunting ballad called “You Said” that makes us beyond happy she’s back. It also makes us quite sad. LEW songs are generally dejection parties; Sørensen is an […]

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CHINAH (DK) – “Strange Is Better”


CHINAH, a Danish electropop trio about whom we’ve been raving for a while now, is setting the bar pretty high with its newest song’s title, “Strange Is Better.” It’s almost as though CHINAH—whose members are frontwoman Fine Glindvad, guitarist Simon Kjær, and producer Simon Andersson—is fully aware of how bizarre and amazing its most recent […]

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Soleima (DK) – “Pacify Me”

Soleima album

Out today is Bulldog, a mini-album from Danish songwriter and producer Soleima. And what does that mean, precisely? That means impromptu dance parties over here at Nordic Spotlight HQ. The new EP is, according to the artist, the most experimental work she’s ever done. That’s pretty evident with this track. But there’s also enough of a […]

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Nordic Spotlight Monthly Podcast – April 2018


The Nordic Spotlight Monthly podcast for April 2018 is here! This time around, we’re looking ahead to albums being released this spring, including new ones from Iceage, Death By Unga Bunga, and more. Check it out here or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and take it with you everywhere. So Cool – Death By […]

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