After spending the last few years producing singles for other artists, including ARY’s debut single Higher, Norwegian singer/songwriter Carl Louis has released six tracks from his upcoming debut album “Memory Lane” to the delight of his fans. The fifth single released from the album is Matinee, a playful song inspired by his favorite instrument the Mellotron (an electro-mechanical polyphonic tape replay keyboard), is a bright, peppy, catchy ditty with ethereal vocals that reminds us of early Röyksopp, Bearson, and The Knife.

Also pre-released from the contemporary influenced “Memory Lane” are the songs Come With Me (feat. Frøder), Feel The Same, Easy (feat. Frøder), Human Being, and Iris. Look for the album to be released May 26th on the Toothfairy label, because if the tracks we’ve heard from it so far are any indication, it’s sure to launch a long independent music career for Carl Louis.

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