Burning Hearts’ second album Extinctions is an exquisitely crafted 9 song LP which blends together indie, dream pop, and a touch of Scandinavian influenced folk. Lyrically inspired by creatures and people that no longer exist, Extinctions is the result of tragic stories that have touched the band members in a myriad of ways. Indeed, that sounds dark and heavy. But, their pop sensibilities, warmth and the feeling of hope that shines throughout create a pleasing aural paradox for the listener.

On the Last Day of the Decade opens the album with a cavernous ambiance and pushes forth with a beautiful vocal delivery from lead singer Jessika Rapo. “A man picks up his shotgun, on the last day of the decade, what a cruel way to start the day” starts us off as a slow and steady drumbeat builds. It then progresses into a crescendo of euphoric harmonies, percussion, and melody begging one to sway and sing along.

Into the Wilderness, the single from the record that was mentioned in a number of webzines and blogs, is pure nostalgic synth-pop – ghosts of the band Clan Of Xymox are definitely present here and the chorus is insanely infectious.

The songs Trade Winds and the closer Deep Waters are two further standouts — the former shimmers with jangly guitars and velvety synth sounds that play off one another with elegant grace, and the latter envelops the listener in an ethereal cloud which exposes beautiful harmonies and inescapable feelings of optimism.

Burning Hearts are doing something really good here. Their last album Aboa Sleeping is quite a treat, but on Extinctions they’ve matured musically and have sharpened their production values. It tells stories that examine who we are, where we may be going, and how the conditions of consequence and nature affect our spirits. Recommended highly.

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