The tumult and throes of a relationship can be maddening, wreaking a unique sort of havoc on the mind as the conflict is lingered upon. When there’s no resolution or closure, the stress only gets worse, but once that quagmire of feelings dissipates, the ending can bring catharsis. Alma Westerlund, frontperson of Beverly Kills, mulls over these feelings as she belts about a former lover on “In This Dim Light.”

The recently-released single from Westerlund’s Gothenberg-based post-punk crew follows a string of fantastically curated songs that meld Westerlund’s impassioned, thundering vocals with blankets of pillowy synths and dynamic guitar lines. She first appears on the track softly rejoicing in the sense of renewal following a breakup as she sings, “In this dim light/Everything turned black that night/And when we woke up/All were dressed in white.”

The song then immediately erupts into a percussive pattern that zigzags between constantly rattling hi-hats and furiously pounding snares that help to push the song forward as it picks up steam. In tune with the song, Westerlund rants on and relishes in her liberation from a destructive relationship as she wails, “4 a.m. walking down your street/Along deceit and endless lies/You were never true to me/But I feel more alive now.” Regardless of the circumstances that led to the end of the relationship and the feelings she may have about it, now that it’s over, she has the opportunity to begin anew.

The track closes with Westerlund singing, “We played an eye for an eye/And you took them both/I hear a repetition of a promise/That no longer applies to me/I can’t stop now.” In these lines, she acknowledges that the connection couldn’t last if the mentality was to punish one another for any perceived slight. Ultimately, though, whatever was said or done is no longer important — Westerlund and Beverly Kills can’t be stopped now.

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