Our American reader Shelby Dennis is visiting Norway and the music festival Bergenfest for the first time! (Read her pre-trip interview to find out what all she plans to do.) She’s graciously sharing her trip via the Nordic Spotlight Instagram account, and we’re compiling her posts over the next few days here on NordicSpotlight.com for everyone enjoy the adventures she’s having. Here we go!

Traveling to Norway from America

Bergenfest 2017 – Day 1

Tove Lo (SE), Store P (NO), Zara Larsson (SE), Gabrielle (NO), Karpe Diem (NO)

Does this post tickle your travel bone? You’re in luck because the festival season still has lots to offer you. Our festival travel booking partner Festicket has many travel packages to choose from. Here are the festivals in the Nordic countries you might be interested it:


Tinderbox – June 22-24

Nibe Festival – June 28-July 1


Night + Day Festival – July 14-17

Iceland Airwaves – Nov 1-5


G! Festival – July 13-15


Slottsfjell – July 12-15

Volumfestivalen – June 22-25

Sørøyrocken – July 27-30

Øyafestivalen – Aug 8-12

Oslo Jazz Festival – Aug 12-19

Pstereo – Aug 17-19

Findings Festival – Aug 18-19

Mimi Goes Glamping – Aug 18-20


Gagnef Festival – July 6-9

Summer On Festival – July 7-8

Into the Factory – Aug 10-12

Popaganda – Sep 1-2


RMJ Fest – June 22-24

Kaisafest – July 29

Provinssi – June 29-July 1

Tuska Open Air – June 30-July 2

Weekend Festival – Aug 4-5

Flow Festival – Aug 11-13

Blockfest – Aug 18-19

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