INTERVIEW: Bellman (NO) – “Getaway”

The single Getaway by Norwegian singer/songwriter/producer Bellman has a video, and it’s a lush-plush dreamscape that perfectly mirrors the song’s soul-stirring, Scandinavian sounds. Do yourself a favor and push play on the delightful video above for Getaway.

The song, a track from Bellman’s latest album “Morphology” released in January 2017, was recorded, mixed and produced in Oslo and mastered in Stockholm and New York. The artist (real name Arne-Johan Rauan) kindly answered a few questions about “Morphology” and his work and we’re pleased to share it with you:

What is “Nordic dream pop”?

For me, Nordic Dream Pop is music that is inspired by the Nordic soul. That means nature, people and the overall atmosphere of the region. It may come in many musical forms, but I feel that the common denominator is melancholy, often merged with a dreamy, floating and shoegazing soundscape.

Describe your “perfect venue” for performing live?

As much as I love playing the big outdoor stages, nothing beats a small, dark and sweaty basement, packed with hardcore fans!

If you weren’t a professional singer/songwriter, what would you be instead?

I probably would work with sculptures. I went to art school many years ago, and I still do some sculpting from time to time, when I have some free time.

How did you decide on the title/theme “Morphology” for your latest album?

The idea behind the album is to explore the meaning of Morphology. Morphology means “the study of how things fit together.” It may refer to many different disciplines, but on this album, I have taken on the morphology of lyrics and melodies. So, I have studied the interactions and explored what happens when one changes small musical or lyrical elements of a whole, like parts of or a full song.

What’s your next project going to be?

I will continue to work in the studio with new material. How it’s going to turn out, and which direction I’m going to chase this time, I’m not yet sure of. I will also continue touring and am currently setting up some very exciting dates in the fall.


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