The three Swedish sisters that are the band Baskery may call their genre of music Americana, but their latest New Wave-y release Love in L.A. sings a different tune. Reminiscent of my personal 80’s favorite act Bananarama, the single is the first new music from the Norwegian band since their contemporary folk album “Little Wild Life” graced us in 2014.

Baskery is unconventional, to say the least, and possess the magic to make music that is untethered by categories and expectations. They’re performing official showcases at SXSW next month in Austin, TX, and I’m looking forward to hearing how their shift in sound translates as a show set, and also if they’ll be wearing all black and cat eyes or denim and cowboy boots…maybe both? Whatever the outfits, I have a feeling Baskery can pull the juxtaposition off with style.

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