The latest collaboration between Nina Mortvedt and Nikolai Hænglse — the Norwegian duo Band of Gold — is a shining, solid pop gem.

I Wanna Dance With You Again is the band’s first single released since their debut album dropped in 2015 to many accolades from fans and critics alike, helping them win the coveted Nordic Music Prize during the music festival/conference by:Larm in 2016 — the first Norwegian artists to earn the award EVER.

Expect to see I Wanna Dance With You Again on Band of Gold’s upcoming second album “Where’s the Magic” which will be released by the label Jansen Records. We’re told the album will attempt to capture the essence of yearning passion with upbeat pop-rock tunes, unexpected experimental songs, beautiful and emotional ballads, and slow pop songs that demand repeated plays. We’re looking forward to it!

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