Baby in Vain are three girls with firecrackers under their boots” – says the press release accompanying the heavy, dirty, noisy, garage music of the Copenhagen-based trio.

In an apparent nod to their young ages, which range from 16 to 19 years old, Baby in Vain sounds like an experienced band that’s well established in the rock scene. How did they achieve such a mature sound? It’s quite the mystery, but it’s that mysteriousness makes their music even more attractive.

With three singles out – Machine Gun Girl, The Catcher and Sweetheart Dreams – Baby In Vain have discovered the dark, disturbing, but also a very addictive side of rock music. The single covers feature gangsters from old American movies which is appropriate for their music, which brings to mind a small, smoky pub on the bad side of the town, where not exactly decent people do their not really decent business.

The music of Baby In Vain isn’t something you’d expect from teenage girls these days. It’s rough, heavy and uncompromising. Both sound and lyrics are bold and direct.

There’s no place for pity or delicacy here – either you handle the song or you have to leave it – there’s no place for the weak here, just as in the gangster movies. So, buckle up, turn on Baby In Vain music, and prepare yourself for the heavy ride.

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