Iceland’s indie folk maestro Axel Flóvent has released Quiet Eyes, the title track of his second EP which is scheduled for release May 9th. The soul-tugging, heart-swelling folk-pop song pushes all our cinematic, emotional buttons and proves once again why Flóvent’s popularity is exploding worldwide following the 2015 release of his debut EP “Forest Fires”.

“Quiet Eyes is about co-dependency,” Flóvent said about the ballad, “and a message to whom it may concern in an inspirational way. It’s a way of reminding myself and others to take action, look at your feet and see where you’re at because you’ve not been yourself lately.”

Currently touring Europe with fellow Icelander Ásgeir, we kindly request Flóvent visit North America too, as his soul-swelling and heart-tugging music is beautiful escapism from the daily grind of life.

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