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Murmansk (FI) – “Mercury”


Before hibernating in the long darkness of winter, get yourself in the right mood with Finnish alternative rockers Murmansk. Named after an arctic Russian city, the dark-toned melodies of these Finns will definitely be on my headphones this fall. Their aggressive, yet non-confrontational, ambiance is created by the sweet combination of softness and fragile fury. […]

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Music Festivals in Finland – Ruisrock Festival, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Flow Festival, Puntala Rock Festival


After the long dark season of winter the country of ice and snow also known as Finland blooms, and so do Finnish people. During those precious three months of summertime in Finland it’s time to live like there’s no tomorrow, and music is an essential part of the festivities. So, what would be a better […]

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Reckless Love (FI) – “Hot”


Something that inevitably belongs to Finnish culture is fierce rock ‘n’ roll. As a country of metalheads and headbangers, it’s not surprising that we also have guilty pleasures such as glam metal. Since the 80’s, the Finns have shown the world how to kick out the jams while rocking full make-up and wild hairdos. Who […]

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