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Lyrebyrds (DK) – “Wounded Animal”


A pretty slice of lo-fo indie from the Danish band Lyrebyrds, this two-song debut EP “Wounded Animals” blends elements reminiscent of bands like Belle and Sebastian and Swedish synth-pop act The Radio Dept. I like their sound and there’s definitely promise here as they meld dream pop and chill wave (which I admittedly I am […]

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Asonat (IS) – “Forever We Ran”

Asonat - Forever We Ran

A few months back, I reviewed the glacial-pop-leaning electronica album In The Times Of Repetition from Iceland’s Asonat, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I am pleased to report that Asonat recently released a companion EP called Forever We Ran, which gives us four songs of even more poptronica-focused workouts, replete with glitchy beats and guest vocalists, ultimately […]

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Bistro Boy (IS) – “Sólheimar”


Recently I was in Reykjavik, Iceland for the first time ever. Walking around the town center, while the snow was gently coming down, I stopped in a record store to have a look around. I struck up a conversation with the people working there, and they suggested I hear Bistro Boy‘s Sólheimar. I grabbed a listening […]

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