Aarhus – a Danish city where both Northside Festival and SPOT Festival take place. A hometown of a musician who combines the originality of modern electronic with the delicacy of the 80’s – Asbjørn. An artist that puts EVERYTHING in his music. Absolutely everything. Let’s count to 3 with Asbjørn’s three brilliant songs that show his different musical faces.

1 – The Criminal

When I first heard Asbjørn, I was surprised. I couldn’t stand still while his song was playing! It was the single, The Criminal that put me on my feet right away. The mix of hidden aggressiveness, with just a hint of lightness of James Blake sounds.

There’s something in this song that forced you to dance, as well as think through your actions. Electro-pop melancholy – that’s what The Criminal is. Because, as Asbjørn says, you can’t be sad on the dance floor.

Thumbs up for the way the classic piano sound is integrated with the electronic. It gives The Criminal the class.

2 – Strange Ears

Maybe my ears are strange, but they fell in love with this song from the first second. Strange Ears is slower and more calm than The Criminal. It reminds me some of the songs of Jamie Woon. While listening you can feel like you were in the forest at night during a full moon. You can almost feel the moisture in the air…

Strange Ears enters in a specific trance. The sounds aren’t rushing anywhere, they’re passing by in their own rhythm. And you have to submit to it.

And the clapping! Or more a metrical sounds. If you’re looking for a song good to step – Strange Ears seems to be a perfect option.


3 – We We We

We We We is simply beautiful. Sensual. It doesn’t need any wide description or big words. Just… just listen to it. There will be tears in your eyes, your hands will start to shiver and you’re gonna blush a bit. Right? You don’t have to admit it out loud, but I know that’s exactly what happens while We We We is playing.

Asbjørn has a beautiful soul that appears in his songs. He also has something very important in music – passion. His debut album Sunken Ships contains the three songs and more brilliant compositions with huge live potential and with the spirit of youth. I keep my fingers crossed for Asbjørn. He deserves big audience and sold out gigs and I’m sure he’s gonna have it all.

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