7 Days in Alaska (NO) – “Marielle”

Norwegian band 7 Days In Alaska, a trio made up of vocalist and songwriter Martin Bjerke, drummer Lars Takla, and guitarist and songwriter Christer Gundersen, released a solid debut EP called “Love Me Hate Me” on January 27th. The 4 tracks on the EP deal with young people chasing the “perfect” life that’s portrayed online and the reconciliation of the fragility of relationships.

The last track on the EP is the ballad Marielle, a song dedicated to guitarist Christer’s younger sister who passed away after crashing head-on into a truck on her way to vacation on the seaside of Norway in the summer of 2013. “I wrote Marielle on one of the darkest days of my life,” said Christer about the song. “I was so angry.  Not in a million years could something like that happen to our family, I thought.  But then it did.  While writing the song, I got all my feelings out,  and I let go of the anger at some point while doing it.”

Marielle is a lovely tribute to holding onto love, even when the loved one is gone. The lyrics and the music are soul-aching and yet also hopeful — a poignant balm for grieving hearts. Play this song, and see what I mean. Also be sure to listen to the whole EP “Love Me Hate Me” which you can stream on SoundCloud.


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